Warning signs of a bad girlfriend

Time and again I have talked to men who feel that most women do not make the cut for being the dream wife or the perfect girlfriend. Apart from other factors, women are the main cause of this notion. I don’t believe that someone can be born evil even the devil was born good but got corrupted as years went by. Bad people pick up the wrongs habits and keep on mingling with ignoble characters as they grow up.

The modern woman is one of the species that might end up all alone not because all men are dogs but because of the way she is turning out to be. Parents are effortlessly trying to bring up  women in both the traditional and modern way but the modern bit overwhelmingly beats the traditional. A bad woman won’t walk around with a sticker on her forehead saying, ‘keep your distance I’m living hell,’ therefore you need to know the warning signs so that next time you don’t tie yourself to a Jezebel who when in good moods is a Delilah …the difference being the same.

A bad girlfriend is usually violent. You may view it as cute, little and adorable punches but with time it will be like if you are living with Floyd Mayweather. Once you overlook the seemingly frail slaps, you would have given her the leeway to make a punching bag out of you.

The drama queens are usually the ultimate red flag. If she loves controversy and goes out of her way to stir world war 3 then you are obviously dealing with a chronic case of the bad girl syndrome. Such kind of a woman will want all the attention and will always be impulsive. Too much of something has always been poisonous; too much drama should freak you out. An overly dramatic girl is a bad girlfriend who in most cases has a psychological problem.

If you can’t stand her friends to the extent that you would prefer standing beside the road to count cars instead of hanging out with them, then there is a problem. Birds of a feather flock together; whatever makes you despise them could also be in your girlfriend. The person who said show me your friends and I will tell you who you are wasn’t high on some cheap herb.

If she continually keeps on complaining then she is neither good for you nor anyone else. Such kind of a woman will always be grouchy, will forever complain and criticize other people. If she complains to you about others, she will complain to others about you.

When she lies about something serious, she is the perfect embodiment of a bad girl. Take it seriously and do something about it. Doing something does not necessarily mean parting ways, see to it that she never does it again.

A man only changes when he wants to but a bad girl will never consider that, she will want to change everything about him. It is good of her if she wants you to drop a bad habit but it is sick of her to change you just because she feels like. This always turns to nagging and with time, it will be a war you had no clue of. She is the plague, keep off.

Insecurities are always part of life but a bad girl will forever be insecure. She will always be in doubt of her beauty, character and everything about herself. This kind of insecurity is toxic and will do you no good. If she can’t change, move on; she is a bad role model to everyone.

If she is incessantly at war with her family, friends and can’t get along with other people, she is definitely the woman your mother warned you about. Besides that, she will not want you to hang out with your friends and if you do, she will be mad, sullen and pouty and in the long run, you won’t be able to get along with her.

When she keeps on saying all her exes were contemptible people, you need to be very prudent. Why does she keep on ending up with losers or jerks? Not all men are despicable, most probably she may have had a part to play in the break ups but won’t be courageous enough to take responsibility. That is a sure sign she will neither take responsibility of her wrong doing nor be accountable in the other aspects of her life … flee.

If she ceaselessly abuses illegal drugs then she is an angel …not…

Truly Yours J.C.